What We Do...

Whatever your project, large or small, simple or complex, we can help! Just get in touch - you'll be in safe hands as we offer:

  • Professional narrators
  • State of the art hardware & software
  • Soundproof recording space
  • Calibrated mixing environment
  • Accessible format production services
  • Music production services
  • Highly experienced producer


Finding just the right voice(s) for your audio book, drama, brochure or magazine isn't always easy. We work with a range of experienced talent, both male and female, young and old(ish)!

What We Do
What We Do


Capturing the voice in pristine quality is key. This is where there should be a list of the mics, pre-amps and converters. But to avoid boring you, let's just say they're all top of the line, ok!


You want it to sound like Radio 4 right? It will sound like Radio 4. That's because of detailed (obsessive?) editing! Just voice, no super loud breaths (unless it's part of the performance), no bonks (technical term!), no coughs or sneezes. Bit of compression, EQ where needed. We'll even edit your own recordings to the same standard (if humanly possible)!

What We Do
What We Do


The fun part. When the casting choices are proved right, when the sound design helps paint the scene in your mind's eye, when that new theme tune really works... Or just that everything's clear and accurate - it may be a catalogue of watch batteries were talking about!


Want it online, for streaming? No problem, but we also offer physical copies - for access purposes or otherwise - on CD or USB. We can provide CD/USB duplication services too.

What We Do

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