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The Solskin Event

Where am I? The first thought that crosses your mind. In the darkness... there comes a voice... She could be your only hope for survival, but can you trust her? Solitude: Part 1 of The Solskin Event trilogy - A brand new audio drama - coming soon..! The countdown to extinction has begun...

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Now Available...!

End Result, the second book in the Hero series by M. A. Comley is now available! Before DI Hero Nelson has the chance to get used to his new role as a father to brand-new twins, a murder investigation steals his attention. When a second victim is discovered on his patch, Hero has his eye on a single perpetrator for both murders - but the suspect has a solid alibi for both crimes. Hero continues his investigation until he obtains a surprising end result.

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Now Available!

Grave Intention, book 2 in the Intention series is now Available ! End Result, Hero series book 2 will be available shortly...!

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It's a wrap!

Production on Torn Apart is complete and it's now Available! Coming soon from M.A.Comley, Grave Intention (Intention series 2), and End Result (Hero series 2).

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Our new website!

Delighted to launch our new website! Please enjoy looking around the site. If you have any comments or questions just fill out the form on the contact page to get in touch. Inkwell Audio

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First Session for the Recording of Torn Apart

Yes, the next audio book from M. A. Comley is in production and coming soon! Everyone understands about the no-go districts--areas of the city so overrun with gang violence even the police stay away. In this book, the first in a new series, DI Hero Nelson sets out to combat the issue. When Saskia Hartley and her nine-year-old son are run down outside a restaurant, DI Nelson knows it is no ordinary hit-and-run incident. He's looking at a homicide case... and the evidence points to the brutal Krull Gang. When two prostitutes are murdered, but little interest is given to the women on the Krull's payroll, Nelson connects the dots. DI Nelson has to decide whether he's dealing with a turf war or something far more sinister.

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