Get part 1 of The Sólskin Event - plus two audiobooks of your choice for free!

In order to help promote our new product, we're offering you the chance to receive any two Audible audiobooks of your choice - completely free! In fact, you'll receive three audiobooks in total, with the first being part 1 of our new audio drama - The Sólskin Event!

How does it work?

Audible offer a 30-day free trial on their service. Each consecutive month you can download a new audiobook of your choice (which is yours to keep forever!), and we'll reimburse the cost (£7.99 a month), of months 2 & 3! At this point you can cancel without penalty, and keep everything you've downloaded!


To qualify for this offer "The Sólskin Event" must be the title you begin the trial with, and you must remain a member for three months in total (that's two billing periods).

I can definitely cancel without penalty, and the audiobooks are mine to keep forever, right?

Absolutely! 100%! As long as you remain an Audible member for three months in total (first month free, then two billing periods), we'll reimburse you the full total of £15.98 for months 2 & 3 - making all three audiobooks... free! With some of the titles on Audible costing over £30, this could be an unmissable offer!

Ok, how do I do it?

  • Simply visit this page on Audible Click me! then click on the orange "Free with 30 day trial" button.

  • Sign in using your normal Amazon log-in details - or create an Amazon account.

  • Click on "Start your free trial now".

  • Confirm payment details, and you're done! The on screen instructions will tell you how to download your audiobook.

How do I claim?

When you have reached three months of membership (that's two billing periods), simply cancel your membership if you wish, and send proof of the two billing periods to

Payment will be made via PayPal - if you do not have a PayPal account please state this in your email and we'll contact you.