Pre-production Questionnaire for "Centurion" - by S. R. Woodward

The following questions are designed to give us the information we need to best advise you. None of the answers that you give are binding, but will simply inform further discussion. Questions marked with an * are required, while the remaining questions are completely optional, but will certainly provide some extra insight!

Consider the ways in which you may wish to sell and market your audiobook, now and in the future.

(MP3 is the most widely used format, as the small file sizes are ideal for online distribution. However, some consumers favor the much higher quality that CD offers. Producing your audiobook on CD also allows for artwork and packaging choices, which again may appeal to a fan-base seeking high quality products. If you hold, or plan to hold book signings, or attend author events, you may wish to offer a physical product also.)
(Again, careful consideration of your plans is recommended. Online retailers can be a great option, but may take quite a percentage of your sales. If you are really confident of your audiobook's potential, and have the time and marketing expertise, then selling it through your personal website means that you keep all of the sales income!)
(Excellence takes time, but sometimes an audiobook has extra sales potential at specific times of the year, e.g. Christmas, Halloween, or Valentines Day. It is important to clarify any specific completion dates from the outset.)
(Online audiobook retailers insist on a high quality cover image, featuring specific information for each product. Design elements can become even more important in terms of CD packaging. We can offer design and production services, as well as help and advice, if required.)
(Most writers describe hearing the "voice" when writing character dialogue. With the exception of a multi-cast project, where each character is cast individually, there will always be compromises between what the writer hears, and what one narrator can produce. It's good to address this before commencing recording!)
(And don't forget to tell us why!)
(And don't forget to tell us why!)
( And why do you admire them?)